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aiyenna, Apr 13, 12 12:18 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Infinity Wave: We are a new Rep guild on The Arkanian Legacy server but we are not new to the game. Most of us have played WoW or other MMOs and games for years. Our primary goal is simply to have fun in a game we pay for in our down time. Yes we want to do operations and HM Flashpoints, gain achievements etc but we are a social fun loving guild that is happy to level and do casual PVP aswell.

We have a guild called Ninja Ewoks on the Peragus Mining Facility which is our Imp branch. Both guilds are essentially two branches, one lightside and one darkside, of the same guild. Membership in both is not required but we would love to see you there. The reason for the two servers is the altoholics among us had no slots left for the other side and so we chose to go on another server :D
Apply to join: We are currently recruiting all Republic classes and levels.  If you want to join us, sign up to this website and either leave a message on the forum, email or find one of us in game (or all of the above). You join as a Recruit and play with us for a bit. If you're happy with us and we're happy with you then we'll promote you to full member and if not then we'll part ways on good terms.

A lot of us prefer to talk rather than type while we're playing on skype or mumble. We have a mumble server for Ninja Ewoks that we also use for Infinity Wave so both guilds can socialize while playing if you want to.
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